Gastonguay’s Island

by Larry Tate on August 12, 2013

The stupid! It burns!

Hannah Gastonguay, 26, and her husband, Sean, 30, were fed up with abortion, homosexuality, taxes and the “state-controlled church” and so “decided to take a leap of faith and see where God led us.” With them were Sean’s father and the couple’s two daughters, one 3 years old and the other an infant.

A few weeks into their ultimately 91 days at sea, the Gastonguays encountered “squall after squall after squall” that damaged their boat. Originally on a heading for the archipelago nation of Kiribati near the international dateline, they changed course to the Marquesas Islands, but were unable to reach them either.

Along the way, they apparently suffered damage to their mast and, unable to set a foresail, made little westward progress.

But, just when their supplies had dwindled down to “some juice and some honey,” the family was rescued by a fishing boat from Venezuela. The hapless family were then “transferred to a Japanese cargo ship and taken to Chile, where they are resting in the port city of San Antonio.” After this serial spree of freeloading, the US government had to arrange a flight to bring the destitute family home to Arizona. I can’t wait to hear the family’s beliefs on wasteful government spending, the evils of public education, and all the welfare spending on “those people.”

And I can’t help but note that the family’s initial destination, Kiribati, is a small island nation that will soon be destroyed by rising sea levels due to global warming. But I’m sure the Gastonguays probably don’t  believe in that.

I hope the state of Arizona places the Gastonguay’s children in protective custody. They deserve better parents.

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Goy January 29, 2014 at 2:31 PM

Am Kshe Oref,Your title fits perfectly…You are rellay stiff-necked. Unfortunately, we can’t pretend that the Democrats are the party of FDR and we must be in their back pocket.PALIN is a mistake? Divisive, untruthful, and belittles the intelligence of the average American? In my opinion, the liberals are the ones that belittle the intelligence of the average American! If you don’t agree with them, you can be subjected to the most vicious abuse, because “they know better.” NOT!You think that the mess will be cleaned up from the last 16 years? Think about it…the Democrats controlled the White House for eight of those years–are you including Clinton in your naming of “idiots”? Or how about the Democrats in Congress, who were in control for four of those years? (I will agree with you that the Republican congress left something to be desired, but only because they were just as inept as the Democrats regarding controlling federal spending.) If the Democrats are the answer, how come Congress’ approval rating is LOWER than President Bush’s?The Iraq war notwithstanding, I still don’t regret voting for Bush. He was still a better choice than the alternatives, and I think he will be like Truman: reviled during his time but better treated years from now.I agree that there are other issues than Israel, but frankly Obama scares me. I do not trust him to do the right thing for Israel. And as for his domestic policies, I trust him even less. I think we all have to get out of the mindset that the Democrats are the ones that are good for the Jews. We need to make that decision one election at a time.

Reply February 18, 2014 at 8:14 AM

Your posting really straightened me out. Thanks!


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