Friday in Brief

by JimLarkinsGhost on August 26, 2011

-The prospect of a Perry Presidency has been making me shudder lately.  But David Frum asks a good question:  “Do Republicans really want to run a candidate who has put in writing his opposition to Social Security and Medicare?”

-The U.S. electorate is so fed up with and angry at everyone that Matthew Yglesias is calling the upcoming showdown “the Haterade Election.”  Sounds like good news for this website.

-Once again, Islamophobia begets Christian terrorism.

-John Nichols at the Nation says that Republican overreach might give Democrats electoral opportunities in surprising regions.

-In the wake of the London riots, the British Home Secretary has banned the racist English Defence League from marching in London for the next thirty days.

-Apparently we can achieve a lot by cutting two M&Ms per day out of our diet.

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