I’m a little “Uncomfortable” with Herman Cain

by JimLarkinsGhost on March 22, 2011

Herman Cain (Gage Skidmore photo)

Republican businessman, Tea-Partier, radio host, and former pizza magnate Herman Cain is exploring a run for the presidency.  For those of us who are not entirely familiar with his views, Cain helpfully summarized his political leanings when he said “from the standpoint of our conservative beliefs and values, Sarah Palin and I are probably identical.”

And like many American right-wingers, Cain has concerns about Islam (read: he’s a bigot).  For example, he indicated that he was a little “uncomfortable” when he found out that his surgeon’s name was Abdullah, until he later found out that the doctor was a Lebanese Christian.  In addition, when asked about the role of Muslims in American society an interview with the evangelical magazine Christianity Today, Cain said

The role of Muslims in American society is for them to be allowed to practice their religion freely, which is part of our First Amendment.

I’m sure that American Muslims everywhere would like to say “gee – thanks, jackass!  How generous of you!”

He continued:

The role of Muslims in America is not to convert the rest of us to the Muslim religion. That I resent. And so I push back and reject them trying to convert the rest of us. And based upon the little knowledge that I have of the Muslim religion, you know, they have an objective to convert all infidels or kill them.

There is so much to discuss here.  First of all, he makes a sweeping, bigoted statement “based upon the little knowledge” that he has of the subject.  This is becoming a veritable American disease – Americans apparently feel entirely comfortable making pronouncements about things they know almost nothing about.  (See “Parties, Tea” for further evidence.  Or just listen to almost anything Sarah Palin says.  Or check out Republican caucus voters from Iowa discussing the Muslim Brotherhood and President Obama’s secret Islamic beliefs.  And so on).   Furthermore, do you think that even one Muslim – once – ever – has tried to convert Herman Cain?  Is it really a problem in his life?  Are Americans in general suffering under an onslaught of Muslim missionary activity?  Is it one of the top 500,000 problems facing Americans right now?

Next, he seems really upset about  proselytizing.  He resents it.  But he said this while speaking in a friendly interview to Christianity Today, which calls itself “A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction.”  So I guess we can’t expect that Cain resents all of those evangelical Christians out there trying to convert us, or all of those polite young Mormons I see walking around my neighborhood as a part of their missions.  No – this is just more Islamophobia from another right-wing Christian conservative.  If you need further evidence of his hypocrisy, here’s what he said about his decision to run for President:

Jeremiah for a while refused to speak on God’s behalf. But as he watched the condition of his people, and he felt the burden that they needed to hear a word from God, he couldn’t stand not doing what he could do. That’s the burden of Jeremiah. That’s also the burden of Herman Cain.

I hate what he just said.

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