Miscarriage of Justice

by Larry Tate on February 24, 2011

We live in insane times.

Exhibit A: Georgia State Representative Bobby Franklin (R).

Bobby recently introduced a bill that would prevent the state of Georgia from requiring that its citizens get vaccinations to prevent infectious disease. When Savannah breaks out in a yellow fever epidemic, you’ll know why freedom isn’t free.

Speaking of freedom. You know how having a driver’s license gives you that not-so-free feeling? And remember all those times you wished that your 12-year old could drive to the store for you and get a six-pack of Coors? Bobby does too. That’s why he proposed eliminating driver’s licenses for the state of Georgia and letting anyone–even minors–drive vehicles around the state. Now that’s freedom.

Next, Bobby introduced a bill that would eliminate all income taxes and require taxpayers to only use gold or silver for all financial transactions. Very practical idea!

But this last one takes the cake. Bobby just submitted a bill that requires women who have a miscarriage to show proof that it occurred “naturally” and was not the result of a willful attempt to end the pregnancy. If no proof can be offered, the woman could face felony charges.

Basically Bobby wants to liquidate all the functions of government and then completely transform the state into the Uterus Police.




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