Fish Jumps Shark

by Larry Tate on December 8, 2009

Stanly Fish, that is.

His gushing, sycophantic review of Sarah Palin’s book is in and he’s seeing starbursts.

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Rekha November 20, 2015 at 9:21 AM

Quote: the MSM took every opportunity to make fun of Palin, but they iorgned everything bad about Obama You make the assumption that these people actually get their news from the MSM. Like Palin, some had to struggle to name their favorite news source. (And I’m being charitable. Palin couldn’t name a newspaper she reads.) But most people pay attention to campaign ads (and Obama had a lot of them) and word of mouth.But if they, and you, had paid much attention to the MSM, you would have seen a barrage of reporting on Obama’s inexperience, his real estate deals, his supposed association with Ayers, etc. But other than the youth/experience angle, and his extraordinary ability to raise funds, these stories died each in turn, just like the bankrupt the coal industry, story because they were without basis and couldn’t be sustained.Palin did get a lot of attention because it was obvious McCain had made a strange choice and even McCain’s primary season supporters were disgusted with her from the outset. Aside from Tina Fey’s SNL comedy routines, the negative reporting though amounted to letting Palin speak for herself live clips from her interview with Couric, snips of her at rallies while supporters chanted Kill him! Kill him! and quoting her as she repeatedly spelled out her fundamental lack of understanding of the constitutional role of the Vice Presidency.But there is little evidence that either Vice Presidential candidate had much effect on the outcome of the election. What we just observed was a pendulum swing and McCain was caught in a perfect storm, where the GOP had been in control and the economy and two wars are not going well. A high percentage of voters felt the country was going in the wrong direction a year ago and they wanted change. When the electorate wants across-the-board change, they vote for a change of party.You like Palin, and in other discussions here, excused her shortcomings on the grounds that she is gullible because she is an innocent personality. And it is natural for all of us to be defensive of someone we feel reflects our own values. But most people, including a very high percentage of Republicans, immediately perceived an ignorant, arrogant, power abusing personality one out of touch with her own running mate and one which they were afraid would assume the Presidency through succession before McCain’s first term was up if they were elected and instead of the change the electorate wanted, the only change Palin represented would have been toward the religious right wing. That’s not the change people want.I asked a number of people I know who voted for McCain why they opposed Obama, because I rarely shy away from political discussions if they raise the subject. The responses I got were mostly that Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen and that he was a Muslim with ties to terrorist organizations. A few told me it was because he was a n****r. And the point I originally made is that the film started with a premise and set out to prove the premise through careful selection of people to query and that the questions asked in the film, and in the Zogby poll, were leading a push poll technique used to gather responses supporting a prior conclusion.The same technique could be used to demonstrate the stupidity and ignorance of Palin admirers, but wasn’t and won’t be, for reasons you don’t seem to get.The reason is, that’s a typical nasty right wing stunt, and not something progressives and liberals would tend to do. And that speaks to the reasons the political pendulum is beginning to swing back to the left. After several decades of GOP political dominance and demonization of progressives and liberals, the electorate is fed up and looking for a fundamental change of direction.


Molly July 26, 2016 at 12:54 AM

Your article was exelelcnt and erudite.


erfahrungen schweizer kredit ohne schufa November 3, 2016 at 5:58 AM

That’s a posting full of insight!


krankenversicherung auf lebensversicherung zahlen November 5, 2016 at 1:17 AM

Looks like the Maoists are getting their rear ends kicked in the Terai. Today the MPRF ‘vandalized’ their office in Parasi. Its good to know that Maoists are getting their due, but the MPRF may be as dangerous to Nepal in the long run as the Maoists. But we Nepalis are so short sighted. We’re ready to cheer the MPRF today, even if it means that in a couple of years they’ll start playing ethnic politics in the Terai. You know your country is in trouble when you’ve to to choose between two murderous villains.


Beyonce July 25, 2016 at 7:30 PM

That’s not just logic. That’s really seblsnie.


Curtis8465Nek July 10, 2017 at 6:37 PM



Louie5795baw July 11, 2017 at 6:37 PM



WalterMok July 17, 2017 at 7:40 AM



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