Friday in Brief

by JimLarkinsGhost on November 13, 2009


-If you are a masochist, you can watch clips of Sarah Palin’s Oprah interview here.

-The Chronicle of Higher Education is promoting a debate on the question “Are too many students going to college?”

-President Obama seems to be acting in a conciliatory way with Japan.  I get the feeling that the victory of  Yukio Hakoyama (above) and his Democrats in Japan is going to lead to a significant change in U.S.-Japan relations.

-James Fallows looks at airport BDOs (Orwellian-sounding “behavior detection officers”)  in this post and also this one.  (Just about everything sounds Orwellian these days, doesn’t it?)

-Everyone has been giving opinions about how many troops the U.S. should have in Afghanistan.  Fred Kaplan asks “what should they be doing?”

-Speaking of Afghanistan, this Aljazeera English report looks at  widespread corruption there.

-Tony Blair is apparently among those who will face an independent Iraq War inquiry in Britain next year.  In a related story, George W. Bush will ride his mountain bike a lot next year, and watch baseball games on TV.

-The Republican National Committee has decided that its employer-sponsored health insurance shouldn’t cover abortions.

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