In Brief

by JimLarkinsGhost on August 25, 2009

-Families USA gives its 10 Reasons to support health care reform.

-Spencer Ackerman examines the evidence, and takes on Dick Cheney’s revolting and pathetic defense of torture.

-Florida Governor Charlie Crist uses the Western Wall in Jerusalem to fight off hurricanes in his state (and to blatantly and awkwardly pander to Jewish voters for his upcoming Senate run?)

-Noted lunatic and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann says we have to put a stop to the Democrats’ health care reform plans (which, she says, may include death panels and doctors being forced to perform abortions).  She says we’ll stop reform “on our knees in prayer and fasting.”

-Selective building of high-speed rail in the United States would make a lot of sense.

-Mark Schmitt says Democrats and progressives must not forget about labor.

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