A Stern Lecture, of Sorts

by JimLarkinsGhost on July 23, 2009

An Australian TV show called The Chasers War on Everything had the guts to confront one of the torturers with the image of what he has done.  Some might find this a childish and tasteless prank, but I think John Yoo should have to see a lot more of this kind of thing.  Because even if it was done as a spoof with comic intent, this is no joke.  Yoo, Cheney, et al. should not be allowed to go on with their comfortable lives pretending they’re not torturers.  And if the legal system won’t hold them accountable, I say good for Chasers.

Guerilla comedy (Sasha Baron Cohen, etc.) is having a moment in the sun right now.  And there is a legitimate debate, of course, about the politics and appropriateness of this kind of art, as it were.  But in a case like this, when the prank is intended to confront the powerful who think they are above the law, rather than to embarrass the unsuspecting innocent, I am all in favor.

The most poignant bit comes at about 1:20, when they throw the man dressed as a torture victim out of the classroom, and he  says to Yoo “OK – I’ll go to the human rights class down the road, Professor.  I think you probably won’t be teaching there.”

H/T: Bodenner

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