by JimLarkinsGhost on June 24, 2009

The Damascus Citadel

The Damascus Citadel

There have been a number of things about the Obama administration that have been somewhat disappointing thus far.  But stories like this one show that there is reason to believe that Obama’s victory in November is resulting in some real, significant changes.  In particular, it is important that we now have a president who seems interested in diplomacy as a path to progress in foreign relations.  Unlike those of  his predecessor, Obama’s first instincts aren’t to engage in sabre-rattling and pre-emtive war.  And it is refreshing to have a president who doesn’t think that diplomacy and a desire for peace are signs of weakness.   From TPM:

President Barack Obama has decided to return a U.S. ambassador to Syria after a four-year hiatus as talks between the two nations intensify, U.S. media reported Tuesday.

By returning a senior U.S. envoy to Damascus, Obama is seeking to carve out a far larger role for the United States in the region as he works to rehabilitate U.S. relations with the Islamic world and the Arab Middle East, the newspaper said.

“It’s in our interests to have an ambassador in Syria,” a senior administration official told CNN.

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