Sympathy for the Devil

by JimLarkinsGhost on May 1, 2009


From former W speechwriter Jay Nordlinger at NRO comes one of the strangest and most pathetic-sounding statements of partisanship and power-worship I can ever remember reading:

In my experience — and I’m just generalizing here — the better the person, the more positive he is about George W. Bush. Certainly the less snarky and narrow. Most of the people I admire most, admire the 43rd president.

I am proud to be one of the worst people Nordlinger has never met.

And I find it preposterous that anyone – except maybe W’s mother – would suggest that one’s character is linked to one’s appreciation for our 43rd president.  In many ways, Bush vividly represents what is worst about America.  Coddled by privilege, he was handed everything he ever got in life.  He spent much of his life underachieving and wasting the privileges he had been handed.  A self-professed patriot, he used his connections to hide when duty called during Vietnam, allowing others to fight a war that he supported.  And eventually, because of his name, and because of the many advantages that he didn’t earn, he rose to the highest office in America.  Once in office, he enacted policies that would help protect the privileges of the few and reward his friends in coprorate America, in both cases at the expense of the health of the nation.  He also started a war under false pretenses, ordered the United States to engage in torture, held prisoners (many of whom insiders now say were innocent) indefinitely without charge, ordered illegal wiretapping, governed in an excessively partisan way, and alienated our allies. 

There’s more.  But I think I’ve made my point.   There are many things I admire about America.  But Bush represents those things I like least about my country – the arrogance and entitlement of  privilege, phony and hypocritcal patriotism, greed, militarism, and a willingness to sacrifice freedom and decency in the name of “security.”

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Larry Tate May 1, 2009 at 5:07 PM

According to Bush’s final approval rating poll, only 22 percent of Americans are good people.


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