Spring Break Jesus

by Larry Tate on March 18, 2009

An agnostic Brown University student transfers to Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University for a semester to experience and write about the “God Divide.” An excerpt from the forthcoming book details the trials and travails of witnessing for Jesus in Florida’s sandy Babylon:

It’s Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Fla., and hundreds of rowdy coeds are packed into Froggy’s Saloon, where a nubile blonde gyrates seductively on top of the bar, her belly button ring shimmering like a bass jig in the sun. Motley Crüe’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” plays to wild cheers as the blonde fishes bills out of the empty beer pitcher marked “Tips for Tits.”

When the blonde — who is maybe 18 — removes her tube top to reveal a pair of star-shaped nipple shields, a short, demure college sophomore named Brandon holds his beach towel over his eyes. On his wrist sits a white “LivePure” bracelet. Scott, our group leader, rubs Brandon’s back. “Satan is strong here,” he says. “But remember: Every person is a person for whom Christ died, whether they’re wearing a lot of clothes or no clothes at all.”

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