The Truth Shall…

by JimLarkinsGhost on March 6, 2009


…put you behind bars, hopefully.  Andrew Sullivan sums up my thoughts here:

We have a situation where a president authorized illegal torture, disappeared many terror suspects, subverted the rule of law, suspended the First and Fourth Amendments secretly, wiretapped citizens secretly – and never copped to any of it. The idea that we should simply forget about this and move on without a serious accounting of what actually happened is as bizarre as it is disturbing. The truth, by the way, may well impugn members of Congress, including some leading Democrats, as well as other world leaders, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown among them

Our nation must move beyond its Watergate hangover.  We cannot keep allowing presidents to commit crimes without consequences just because it makes us feel bad.  Yes – Watergate was ugly.  Yes – a public accounting of the crimes committed by the Bush gang would be ugly.  And yes, if high-level members of the Reagan administration had been indicted for Iran-Contra, as they deserved to be, it would have been ugly.  But we cannot allow power to shield men from the consequences of their actions without sacrificing democracy and the rule of law.

If Bush and Cheney committed crimes, they must be put on trial.

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