Congratulations, Nitwit!

by JimLarkinsGhost on January 7, 2009

As W (finally) prepares to leave us over the coming weeks, there will undoubtedly be any number of shills, power-worshippers, and assorted other loons who will remind us of all of the “good” things that he accomplished during the past 8 years.  We’ll  see plenty of these kinds of statements:  “Whatever you think of Bush’s (fill in the blank), you have to give him credit for (fill in the blank).”  Matthew Yglesias tips us off to one such statement – a particularly moronic one from Aaron Friedberg at Foreign Policy’s “Shadow Government” blog.  Long story short:  Friedberg congratulates Bush for realizing that it would be, er, a bad thing if terrorists got their hands on nuclear or biological weapons.  As is often the case, Yglesias is the voice of reason, and deftly (and somewhat humorously) points out the idiocy of Friedberg’s assertion:

That’s a pretty said claim if you ask me. Yes, it’s true that George W. Bush was correct to say that terrorists armed with nuclear weapons would be dangerous. But this is like congratulating him for knowing how to tie his shoes. Nobody disputes this point. The novel idea Bush brought to the table about this subject was his decision to prevent al-Qaeda from getting a nuclear weapon by invading a country that had neither a nuclear weapons program nor operational ties to al-Qaeda. This is like saying that whatever you think of Herbert Hoover’s economic policies, at least he correctly ascertained that a return to prosperity would be desirable.

It has come to this.  Our president is so ridiculous, so inept, so intellectually barren that we have to congratulate him for realizing something that everyone over eight years old also realizes.

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