My War on Bill O’Reilly’s War on the War on Christmas, Part II

by JimLarkinsGhost on December 24, 2008

In this video clip, Santa Clueless “exposes” retailers who don’t greet their customers with “Merry Christmas,” choosing general greetings like “Happy Holidays” instead.  This, Bill thinks, is an outrage.  It is so detrimental to the well-being of our species that we must “out” these evil, happy-holiday-wishing monsters.

Wow. A suggestion for Bill: instead of maligning corporations for the heinous crime of politely greeting people, why not try exposing companies that, say…

-Sell products made in sweatshops?
-Don’t pay their employees a living wage?
-Refuse to offer health insurance or other important benefits to their employees?
-Practice gender, religious, or racial discrimination in their hiring processes?

I may be a crazy “secular progressive,” as Bill likes to say, but it seems to me that each of the four practices above outranks holiday well-wishing on the scale of crimes against humanity.

In this segment, John Gibson goes as far as to say that not using “Merry Christmas” as your default greeting “indicates hostility” to Christianity. Really? “Happy Holidays” is hostile? Which part? The “happy” part, or the “holidays” part? I think “Happy Holidays, and your savior sucks” would be hostile for sure. But “Happy Holidays” seems kind of un-hostile to me.

I guess all you need to know about Bill and his delusional friend John Gibson happens at about 1:35 in the video. When O’Reilly asks him why some retailers would use a general holiday greeting rather than “Merry Christmas,” Gibson opines that the problem is that such retailers “tend to worry about 100% of the customers.” Right. Got it. Retailers should stop worrying about all of their customers. They should only worry about their Christian customers. The rest of ’em be damned. By Jesus and Santa.

Happy Holidays!

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