My War on Bill O’Reilly’s War on the War on Christmas, Part I

by JimLarkinsGhost on December 20, 2008

From Bill’s column of December 18:

A few years ago some retail companies ordered their employees not to say the words “Merry Christmas” because they might offend people who do not celebrate the national holiday. Of course, that was insane. These companies were marketing the gift-giving season that accompanies Christmas but were refusing to utter the word? Please.

After an exposition of this by me and some other media people, millions of Americans decided not to spend money in the offending quarters, and the banishment of Christmas quickly ceased. I guess money trumps offending people all day long.

And this extreme level of deluded narcissism is funny – “all day long.”  I really get the feeling that he actually believes he has this kind of power. And “the banishment of Christmas quickly ceased” – what in the flying f*ck is he talking about?

I also love the idea that saying “happy holidays” to someone you don’t know, in the interest of politeness and inclusiveness, is “insane.”  Hey Bill – Abu Ghraib was “insane.”  What has been happening in Darfur is “insane.”  The fact that Dick Cheney is likely going to get away with authorizing torture is “insane.”  Wishing people a happy holiday season, in a generalized way, if you don’t know which holidays they celebrate, is common sense.  And polite. (Of course good manners don’t seem to be Bill’s strong suit).

Happy Holidays!

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