McCain Pulls Spain out of his Ass and Puts it in Latin America

by Uncle Dell on September 18, 2008

Dancing around questions is stock in trade for politicians, especially when one doesn’t have a good grip on the material at hand. You duck, you weave, you buy time in the hope that the next question will be in your wheelhouse. Or sometimes you figure, what the hell, I’ll drop a few references here and there to make it seem I know what I’m talking about and then move on. McCain’s interview on a Miami radio station illustrates the dangers of option #2.

To recap, tonight we’ve been discussing Sen. McCain’s bizarre interview in which he appeared not to know who Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero was and, in an effort to wing it, assumed he must be another left-wing, anti-American leader from Latin America.

TPM has the best coverage so far as American media outlets wake up to this one.

Recording with Spanish translation of the interview here.

Account of the interview (in Spanish) from El Pais

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Jamie Holts September 18, 2008 at 5:59 AM

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