Oily McWar is Now Officially 100% Shameless

by JimLarkinsGhost on September 17, 2008

In his bafflingly persistent effort to portray the American economy as fundamentally strong, Oily McWar has further underscored how shameless and sleazy his campaign has become.  He now tells us that anyone who talks about economic realities is just hatin’ on American workers.  From the NYT editorial page:

John McCain spent Monday claiming as he had countless times before — that the economy was fundamentally sound. Had he missed the collapse of Lehman Brothers or the sale of Merrill Lynch, which were announced the day before? Did he not notice the agonies of the American International Group? Was he unaware of the impending layoffs of tens of thousands of Wall Street employees on top of the growing numbers of unemployed workers throughout the United States?

On Tuesday, he clarified his remarks. The clarification was far more worrisome than his initial comments.

He said that by calling the economy fundamentally sound, what he really meant was that American workers are the best in the world. In the best Karl Rovian fashion, he implied that if you dispute his statement about the economy’s firm foundation, you are, in effect, insulting American workers. “I believe in American workers, and someone who disagrees with that — it’s fine,” he told NBC’s Matt Lauer [italics added].

This is all such a sad commentary on American political culture;  candidates continue to treat voters like children, and voters continue to reward them for it.  Let’s hope that by November, the McCain-Palin nonsense will have finally gone so far that people will actually notice.   That way, he can go back to grimacing in the senate, and she can go back to hunting and praying for natural gas pipelines.

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