Palin, Straight Shootin’

by Larry Tate on September 13, 2008

How do we know that Sarah Palin is prepared to be the president of the United States? Because she’s no provincial Alaskan boob, that’s why.

As Palin has told various media organs, she’s traveled the world on official, executive business — racking up trips to Canada and Mexico and Ireland and a “military outpost” within Iraq.

Or maybe not.

Today’s Boston Globe reveals how the McCain campaign has been forced to admit that their pick for Vice President didn’t do any of those things. Turns out, Palin visited a base in Kuwait to meet with reservists from Alaska. And she only touched down in Ireland to refuel her plane. And the Canada and Mexico trips? Personal vacations.

Based on this picture, I’m starting to doubt whether she can actually shoot moose.

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